sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Arm Chair Travelling

This Mini Challenge is hosted by The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader.

The single time I have gone abroad was when I was 5 years old and I went to DisneyWorld with my family (that's 14 years ago, people!), but I have travelled a lot by my reading. And while I'd love to visit Neverland and Lyra's Oxford, my biggest dream since I am a child is to visit the United Kingdom, and I have read a lot of stories settled there, that I'd love to see each place!

But, definately, I want to visit Bath and all those places where Jane Austen's books are located, because, let's face it: her descriptions are amazing!

2 comentarios:

Marg dijo...

Bath is amazing! Hope you get there one day.

Thanks for particpating in my mini-challenge.

Avid Reader dijo...

My very first trip abroad was when I was 19. I had always wanted to go to England. So I went to London and Bath and they were everything I hoped they would be. You'll have to go someday.