miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

Read-Along: Travelling to Lilliput

So, way back into May I signed up for two read-alongs at Allie's blog. This one is Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, and today I am posting my thoughts of Part I: A Voyage to Lilliput.

The whole book is in Gulliver's point-of-view, and in this first part he is telling his adventures & disventures at the little country of Lilliput; the way he has to live in a country where everybody is way-too small for you (barely 6 inches, if I am not wrong).

One of my favorite parts is when the queen's rooms were in fire and Gulliver saves it in a very, errr... inapropiate way, but, well... he saved the palace!

I love the irony & satire that Swift manage at the whole part, is like if he was making fun of England's goverment! That's what I love the most of Literture: the way it reflects the society in its author's words.
So, that's all for this first part, I am looking forward the next!

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Allie dijo...

I'm glad you enjoyed the first part! The second is one of my favorites, as it takes place in the land of giants!

CaRiiToO dijo...

wow, awesome!
it's incredible... I never read the whole book as a child... I read lots of little stories about Lilliput... but that was all! An when I began reading this part I was amazed to discover it was not all about Lilliput but other places too!

I am loving Swift's writing!