miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Read-Along: Brobdingnag or, How to Be Their Pet

Ok, so, here it is the second post of this Read-Along!

I loved this part... it was like the biggest irony in the whole world to see Gulliver like the little one (they are 12 times his height!)! The only thing thing that I hated was that he was like THEIR pet... they treated Gulliver like if he was nothing!

But then, Gulliver considers the society as mostly a moral people with just some that are jealous or corrupt, the King’s jester, with a little malice at times. Just as others Governments and Kings have been!

One of my favourite parts was when Gulliver discusses the English society and government with the King and he gives Gulliver his view and judgment, comparing them to Brobdingnag. This causes Gulliver to take a different look and view point at the English. This is a more political part than the first one!
I liked this part a lot, but I LOVE the first one the most!
See you on the next post!

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Allie dijo...

I agree with you about liking the first part more. This one gets a little too political for my tastes, but it was still entertaining in that the tables were flipped on Gulliver.