sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010


Ok, so... I'll be part of this awesome Read-Along hosted by Allie at A Literary Odyssey. The book? Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell (yei!).

My post for chapters 1 to 8 will be up at June 15th (three days after my 19th birthday!) and for chapters 9 to 16 at June 30th. I'm so excited! I just have to finish
Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke and I'll start with this great book!

If you're reading this, feel free to join the fun here!

Thanks, Allie!

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Allie dijo...

I'm excited you're participating!!

CaRiiToO dijo...

@Allie and I'm excited to be part of it! Thanks for hosting it!